Storage of your wines now offers an adapted storage solution for private individuals, French or foreign!

As part of our trading activity and in order to ensure a smooth flow of incoming and outgoing wines, we have set up our own bonded warehouses, also with In-Bond status, for our foreign customers.
Our warehouses have a capacity of approximately 70,000 bottles. We offer a "hand-stitched" service in the management of your cellar, from the reception of your wines to their final destination.
Accustomed to the constraints of global logistics, we take care of all aspects of shipping for you.

Our services:

1- Reception of your wines
After making an appointment, we receive your wines in person or through the transporter of your choice. Our facilities enable us to receive your wines in a secure manner, both individually and on pallets.

2- Inventory, storage, cellar book online
Once your wines have been received, each bottle is inventoried in order to make your personal cellar book. Each bottle will then be labelled with a unique identifier, and stored in our secure stock, in ideal temperature and hygrometry conditions.

3- Availability or dispatch on request
Would you like to remove one or more bottles? A simple request is all you need to do so. We will take care of making your wines available for you. And if you are unable to travel, we can ship your wines anywhere in the world!

4- Customs documents
We are customs warehousemen and have our own excise number, which allows us to store wine in a declared manner, on behalf of third parties, professionals and private individuals. We carry out all the declarations and all the formalities involved in the regulated transport of wine for you. For more than 10 years, we have been delivering to our customers throughout the world in a fluid manner, it's a commitment to service!

5- Storage on behalf of third parties In Bond
We have applied to customs to obtain the RFSE status, which is the only status allowing the storage of goods called "IN BOND", i.e. exempt from all taxes, for wines intended for export (outside EU). It allows us to store your goods for a significant period of time for future export or consolidation of orders from different suppliers prior to their dispatch to your country. We ensure the declaration of your wines as well as their storage under this special status, allowing you to pay only taxes actually due in the context of exports.

Wines stored and marked thanks to a system of unique identifiers

Wines stored and marked thanks to a system of unique identifiers

Temperature and hygrometry controlled 24 hours a day

Temperature and hygrometry controlled 24 hours a day

Secure storage space with motion sensors and video surveillance

Secure storage space with motion sensors and video surveillance

Our Guarantees:

1- The service of professionals
Our main activity being online wine trade, we have a perfect knowledge of the constraints of wine receipt, storage, and so on. Moreover, by storing your wines in our warehouse, your bottles will benefit of the same storage conditions than our stock.

2- Storage in the best temperature/hygrometry conditions
Our air-conditioned warehouse is specially designed for an optimal conservation of wines. A constant temperature is ensured by a high-performance air-conditioning system designed to provide an ideal hygrometry for preservation of wines.

3- Protected premises
Our storage space is designed to hold several thousand high-value bottles, so it has a high level of security. For more details about our protection system, please contact us.

4- Replacement value insurance
In spite of high safety standards and constant attention, an accident can still happen . This is why all bottles stored in our warehouse are insured at replacement value. Keep your wines with peace of mind!

5- Quality of shipments
With more than ten years of experience in the field of online wine sales, we acquired a great expertise in shipping and delivering wines in complete security. Whether you wish to have a bottle, a parcel or a pallet delivered to you, we can guarantee you the safest possible packaging and smooth delivery thanks to a network of trusted carriers with whom we have been working daily for several years.

Contact us for more information

If you would like a quote or would like to be contacted by our team, please leave us your details by e-mail ( or via our messaging system.

レッツエンクリプト(Let's Encrypt)でセキュリティー保証済み

レッツエンクリプト(Let's Encrypt)でセキュリティー保証済み

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